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Jo-Anne McArthur, photographer, co-editor, and creator of “Hidden: Animals in the Anthropocene”

Owing to the coronavirus pandemic and the ongoing Stay at Home order, I produced and recorded this show remotely from home, the seventh program prepared this way at the Talking Animals corporate headquarters in Jupiter Farms, Florida, and likely the way the broadcasts will come together thru mid-June. Tentatively, we’re due back in studio on June 24.

Jo-Anne McArthur —an acclaimed photojournalist who served as creator, co-editor, and photographer for the forthcoming book, “Hidden: Animals in the Anthropocene”—responds to my beginning the interview in a different way (chiefly because McArthur has previously been a guest multiple times), starting with my questions about how she, as a photographer who’s specialized for years in documenting the often-awful plights of animals, staves of burnout or worse. Read more…