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Please Support “Talking Animals” (& Me!) During WMNF’s Summer Fund Drive June 26

I’m asking that you support “Talking Animals,” and me, in our Fund Drive show Wednesday, June 26, 10am-11am ET–but, ideally,  BEFORE then! 

As always, we have Exclusive Thank You Gifts for those who donate on  behalf of “Talking Animals”…

For example, fantastic tickets to see Queen + Adam Lambert on the North American leg of The Rhapsody Tour, featuring a Tampa stop at Amalie Arena on Aug. 18. We have two of the best seats in the house for this concert, which appears to be all but sold-out!

 Other nifty Exclusive Thank You Gifts, or “Premiums,” include:

* DVD copies of “Blackfish,” the acclaimed 2013 documentary investigating the disturbing impact of captivity on orcas at Sea World and other marine parks.            

* Three SIGNED copies of “A Dog’s Way Home,” the novel by W. Bruce Cameron made into a successful film, with the story revolving around Breed Specific Legislation (BSL), specifically Denver’s ban on pit bull-type dogs. 

* One copy of “How To Be A Good Creature,” the recent book by Sy Montgomery–it’d only been out two weeks, and made The New York Times bestseller list.

Special clippers that can safely trim the nails of cats & other small animals  

* Back By Popular Demand! The Pocket Monkey!

 * The new, royal blue TALKING ANIMALS T-SHIRT, with a fantastic front design by artist extraordinaire Ramin Nazer. You can see the shirt, front and back, below.

* Colorful, Animal-Shaped Smart PHONE STANDS…Phone (or tablet) stands in the shape of cats, birds, dinosaurs and gators, and in fab colors: Green bird and dinosaurs…Navy blue dinosaurs…Yellow gators. You can see these below. 

 * One SIGNED copy of  “Your Robot Dog Will Die ” the acclaimed novel–propelled by animal welfare themes–by journalist-author ARIN GREENWOOD, a periodic guest on “Talking Animals”  

 That hour of our fund drive show on June 26–from 10-11am ET that morning–is the only time our show will be “credited” with your donation.

If a pledge comes in afterward, it’s credited to another show, but you can give beforehand… how ’bout now? Read more…

Rick Kriseman, Passionately Pro-Pet Mayor of St. Petersburg, FL

Rick Kriseman—the mayor of St. Petersburg, Florida, who, a year ago, signed a proclamation declaring St. Petersburg a pet-friendly city—recounts growing up loving animals, dogs in particular. Mayor Kriseman describes how he and his family got started as puppy raisers for Southeastern Guide Dogs, bringing home their first assigned puppy, Jim, when he was 12 weeks old, and returning him at 14 months. Read more…

Sally Williams, founder of The Brodie Fund

Sally Williams—founder and director of The Brodie Fund, which helps pay for the treatment of pets diagnosed with cancer, when their humans can’t afford it, provided the animals are patients at specific veterinary hospitals in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, and Colorado—acknowledges that she’s been a fervent feline lover all her life, going back to Sandy, the family cat before she was born. Read more…

Jan Creamer, co-founder of Animal Defenders International

Jan Creamer—president and co-founder of Animal Defenders International (ADI), which specializes in educational efforts and campaigns internationally that tend to focus on animals in entertainment and other realms—recounts growing up with assorted pets, and a light bulb moment in her younger years when she was handed a leaflet about beagles being used in smoking experiments. Read more…

Natasha Daly, author of National Geographic story “The Hidden Cost of Wildlife Tourism”

Natasha Daly—a staff writer for the National Geographic, where she wrote the June cover story, “The Hidden Cost of Wildlife Tourism”—addresses her role as the magazine’s “wildlife crime reporter,” how she landed on that beat, and what sort of stories she’s written in that capacity. Read more…