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Please Support “Talking Animals” (& Me!) During WMNF’s Winter Fund Drive Feb. 5

I’m asking that you support “Talking Animals,” and me, in our Fund Drive show Wednesday, Feb. 5, 10am-11am ET–but, ideally,  BEFORE then! 

As always, we have Exclusive Thank You Gifts for those who donate on  behalf of “Talking Animals”…

For example, fantastic tickets to see ELTON JOHN on his “Farewell Yellow Brick Tour,” featuring what surely must be his final Tampa stop at Amalie Arena on May 26. That show is still a ways off, but many of the best seats are sold out–and some of the remaining best ones are going for over $1000 per ticket. We have two of the best seats in the house for this concert, but at a much better pledge price.  

 Other nifty Exclusive Thank You Gifts, or “Premiums,” include:

* One SIGNED copy of “Cat Tale: The Wild, Weird Battle to Save The Florida Panther,”  the just-published book  by veteran Tampa Bay Times reporter Craig Pittman.   

* Two copies of “There Are Birds,” stellar, bird-centric album by singer-songwriter–and inveterate birdwatcher–Stephanie Seymour. “There Are Birds” was one of my favorite albums of 2019, in any category.

* Boxes of customized, colorful, animal-oriented greeting cards created by 20-year-old Pittsburgh artist on the spectrum, Jarrod Edson   

Special clippers that can safely trim the nails of cats & other small animals  

* Back Again By Popular Demand! The Pocket Monkey!

 * The current TALKING ANIMALS T-SHIRT, royal blue, with a fantastic front design by artist extraordinaire Ramin Nazer. You can see the shirt, front and back, below.

* Colorful, Animal-Shaped Smart PHONE STANDS…Phone (or tablet) stands in the shape of cats, birds, dinosaurs and gators, and in fab colors: Green bird and dinosaurs…Navy blue dinosaurs…Yellow gators. You can see these below. 

 That hour of our fund drive show on Feb. 5–from 10-11am ET that morning–is the only time our show will be “credited” with your donation.

If a pledge comes in afterward, it’s credited to another show, but you can give beforehand… how ’bout now? Read more…

Craig Pittman, author of “Cat Tale: The Wild, Weird Battle to Save The Florida Panther”

Craig Pittman—the veteran environmental reporter at The Tampa Bay Times, and author of multiple books, most recently, “Cat Tale: The Wild, Weird Battle to Save The Florida Panther”—explains why, having written a 2010 Tampa Bay Times series about the Florida panther, “Dead Cat Walking” (which serves as the core material for the new book) almost a decade passed before publishing “Cat Tale.” Read more…

Dr. Sue Ettinger, veterinary cancer specialist

Dr. Sue Ettinger—a veterinary cancer specialist, aka “Dr. Sue Cancer Vet”—recalls her road to becoming a vet, after briefly entertaining the idea of pursuing a career involving art history. She describes how she traveled a somewhat serendipitous path that deposited Ettinger at her professional focus on oncology. Read more…

Tom Mustill, director of “The Whale Detective”

Tom Mustill—a British director who makes nature and wildlife movies; his latest film is “The Whale Detective” (the impetus: Mustill and a friend were kayaking in Monterey Bay when a humpback whale breached, and just missed landing on them)—recounts when his fascination with animals began, and his early forays into filmmaking. Read more…

The Annual Christmas Animal Song Special

This morning, I once again set aside the customary “Talking Animals” format to deliver the Annual Christmas Animal Song special—that is, a show entirely devoted to Holiday-oriented animal tunes. Read more…