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John Hargrove, author of “Beneath The Surface: Killer Whales, SeaWorld And The Truth Beyond Blackfish”

John Hargrove —author of “Beneath The Surface: Killer Whales, SeaWorld And The Truth Beyond Blackfish”—discusses his childhood love for SeaWorld and its orcas, which began with his first visit to the Florida park in 1980 at age six, and subsequently involved persuading his mother and stepfather to make annual pilgrimages there. Read more…

Omar Von Muller, animal trainer of Uggie from “The Artist”

Omar Von Muller–trainer of Uggie, the Jack Russell terrier who stars in the Oscar-nominated black-and-white silent film, “The Artist”– discusses how he met and adopted Uggie, who was so wild and high-strung, he had been unsuccessfully placed in at least one home before meeting Von Muller. Read more…

Linda Tellington-Jones–Creator of Tellington Touch, or TTouch

Linda Tellington-Jones, the veteran animal handler and trainer who created the Tellington Touch, or TTouch, method–a revolutionary technique for handling and training horses, dogs, cats and other domestic animals, and one that’s also effectively applied to exotic animals in zoos and elsewhere–discusses how creating TTouch was an outgrowth of her lifelong passion and experience with horses Read more…

Ralph Helfer–leader & teacher

GUEST: Ralph Helfer, helped pioneer affection training in the 60s has since been director, author, lecturer/teacher, African safari leader–discussing affection training, his work with animals in TV-film in 60s-70s, captive wildlife, zoos, etc.
COMEDY CORNER: Ellen Degenres’ “Cat In Heat.”
MUSIC: Eels’ “Lone Wolf,” instrumentals.