Omar Von Muller, animal trainer of Uggie from “The Artist”

Omar Von Muller–trainer of Uggie, the Jack Russell terrier who stars in the Oscar-nominated black-and-white silent film, “The Artist”– discusses how he met and adopted Uggie, who was so wild and high-strung, he had been unsuccessfully placed in at least one home before meeting Von Muller.

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He recalled the initial training he provided Uggie, how the dog performed with him and some other animals on the Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica, as well as in a touring production called The Incredible Dog Show–Uggie’s key trick was riding a skateboard. Von Muller also charted Uggie’s path from live shows into making commercial’s and then appearing in films, including “Mr. Fix It” and “Water For Elephants” before “The Artist.” He briefly commented on the shooting of “The Artist” and the virtues of–it being a silent movie–being able to give Uggie commands in a way that filmmaking doesn’t usually allow; he also described teaching “Artist” star Jean Dujardin some basic Uggie commands. Von Muller conceded that while making “The Artist,” that neither he nor anyone else involved with the film imagined it would become as celebrated or successful as it turned out, discussing some of the awards and accolades accorded “The Artist”–and Uggie.

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