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Kelly Crandall, graduate student whose research yielded inadvertent, important results

Kelly Crandall–a graduate student at Southern Illinois University (SIU) whose research focusing on one type of animal (raccoons and opossums) inadvertently yielded results about an entirely different animal: the Burmese python, a rampant invasive species in south Florida—recalls growing up in western New York, with a penchant for animals and nature. Read more…

Jack Murphy, co-founder and director of Urban Wildlife Rescue, Inc.

Jack Murphy–co-founder and director of Urban Wildlife  Rescue, Inc., a Colorado-based non-profit organization that specializes in resolving wildlife conflicts
using innovative methods of eviction and exclusion without having to trap, kill or harm any animal in any way–explains more
specifically what “urban wildlife rescue” means, and how he and his wife ventured into this line of work from being wildlife rehabbers. Read more…