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Brigid Wasson, president of Mission Reunite

Brigid Wasson—the president of Mission Reunite, a nonprofit organization that aims to assist pet owners whose animals are missing—describes her personal and professional involvement with animals, including growing up with cats (but not dogs), and her two stints working at Northern California shelters, the first, in San Mateo, starting as a teenager, the other, years later, in Santa Clara. Read more…

Joel Rockey, executive director of One Last Treat

Joel Rockey—executive director of One Last Treat, a nonprofit founded by a group of veterans whose mission (carried out by veterans who volunteer) is “to provide comfort, compassion, and one last treat to severely at-risk and soon-to-be-passing animals”—discusses his own history, including growing up with various animals, but at that point, being indifferent to them. Read more…

Cheri Thompson, founder of Healing Species

Cheri Thompson–founder of Healing Species, a South Carolina-based program that plucks rescue dogs from shelters and places them in a school program designed to reduce aggression and bullying, while increasing empathy in those classrooms—discusses her formative years as an animal lover and being that kid who tended to sick or injured animals that turned up in the neighborhood. Read more…

Sue Wiese, founder of Operation Roger

Sue Wiese–founder and director of Operation Roger, a nonprofit organization chiefly consisting of truckers who use their trucks to transport pets, who’d been in shelters, to new homes across the country–discusses her lifelong long of animals and how she became a truck driver as a second career in her 50s, based in Texas. Read more…

Kevin Nealon–Former “Saturday Night Live” star

Former “Saturday Night Live” star Kevin Nealon [], discussing animal organizations, animal rights & activism, shelters, veggie diets, etc.
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Stiller & Meara’s “The Whale.”
MUSIC: My Morning Jacket’s “Cobra,” The Starlight Mints’ “Black Cat,”  instrumentals.
NAME THAT ANIMAL TUNE: Los Lobos’ “Will The Wolf Survive.”