Gene Baur, co-founder and president of Farm Sanctuary

by | Jul 19, 2023

Gene Baur–co-founder and president of Farm Sanctuary, which Baur helped launch in 1986—responds to the observation that, nearly 40 years later, he could be excused if some days felt “same old, old,” recounting some of the activities that currently most invigorate him. Fortunately, for him (and, really, for the rest of us), Baur explains he still feels fully passionate about many of the issues and causes that propelled him in the late 80s.  He addresses the way, over the years, an enormous number of farmed animal sanctuaries have popped up across the country (and in other countries), acknowledging that these sanctuaries do feel like descendants. Baur reluctantly concedes his influence in all of this—humbly downplaying the minimal degrees of separation from Farm Sanctuary to these facilities, speaking to how gratifying this is, especially as he’s had an opportunity to visit a large number of such sanctuaries. I suggest that as a young man, Baur seemed to have an unusual, precocious moral compass, guiding him toward the right thing to do, the kind thing to do—which, arguably, helped guide Baur and Farm Sanctuary for the ensuing years; that amounts to an ongoing, singular vision. At my prodding, he reflects on where that came from, and how it shaped Farm Sanctuary’s evolution and ethos. Baur touches on some recent Farm Sanctuary rescue efforts, as well as the organization’s research delving into the phenomenon of PTSD in rescued farmed animals. [Photo credits…Baur & Calf: by Lee Iovino…Honey Cattle: by Farm Sanctuary…Baur & Sheep: by Farm Sanctuary…Baur speaking: by Farm Sanctuary (,,

ALSO: I spoke briefly with Emily Campbell, Park Ranger at Hillsborough River State Park, where a program called “Featured Creatures” was to be offered on July 22, from 10am to 2pm. Campbell describes Hillsborough River State Park and the types of activities available there, and explains that the “Featured Creatures” program is offered quarterly, noting that the headlight elater will be the “Featured Creature” featured this time. She provides a sneak preview of the headlight elater presentation, saying that it’s a species of click beetle and one of the brightest bioluminescent insects—explaining the light it emanates helps attract prey and keep predators at bay. (

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