pattrice jones, co-founder of VINE Sanctuary

by | Jun 14, 2023

pattrice jones–co-founder of VINE Sanctuary, sprawling across 100 acres in Springfield, Vermont, and a self-described “LGBTQ-led farmed animal sanctuary”—spontaneously describes instances of talking animals’ activity by resident roosters that very morning. jones explains rooster’s crowing goes far beyond the stereotypical heralding thatff morning has broken, citing, for example, one cry that alerts fellow roosters to predators arriving by air, and a different cry that warns of a predator arriving by land. She adds that, in both cases, only the rooster who issued the original warning cry can legitimately later put out an “all-clear” signal. Noting that VINE (Veganism is the Next Evolution) is a distinctive sanctuary in many ways—and that the many hats jones wears include accomplished writer and author—I float the question of whether a sanctuary can have a point of view, can it develop a voice? She responds with an instantaneous, emphatic “Yes,” saying she thinks all sanctuaries have a point of view. She goes on to note that when folks seek their counsel about opening a sanctuary, she’s always certain to ask what point of view that new sanctuary would have. jones had earlier outlined the two broad models of farmed animal sanctuaries: the longstanding prototype established by Farm Sanctuary in 1986, and, she says, the VINE version, in which multiple species not only are housed together, but also help co-create the sanctuary itself, where self-determination is a guiding principle. jones hastens to add that this overview isn’t intended as any sort of criticism, and that a number of sanctuaries combine elements of both broad models. (She mentions that VINE hosted a Reimagining Sanctuary conference, and conference presentations can be viewed on the sanctuary’s YouTube channel: She invites those listening–and beyond–to participate in VINE’s “Pride Month Vegan Challenge”:, and I make a point of mentioning the VINE podcast, “In Context with pattrice jones.” (,,


ALSO: I spoke briefly with Scott Trebatoski, the Director of Hillsborough County’s Pet Resources Center, one of eight county animal shelters participating in the “Mega Adoption Event” slated to take place across three days: June 23 ((noon-6pm), June 24 (9am-6pm), June  25 (9am-noon), at Strawberry Festival Fairgrounds in Plant City. Trebatoski explains this is the inaugural iteration of this multi-county endeavor, sponsored by Petco Love, part of a statewide initiative. He says that the objective of the statewide effort is a total of 5000 adoptions, while the goal of the event at Strawberry Festival Fairgrounds is 500 adoptions. The “Mega Adoption Event” will only offer dogs for adoption; Trebatoski thinks cats will be included next time.

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