Alene Anello, founder and president of Legal Impact for Chickens

by | Mar 8, 2023

Alene Anello–founder and president of Legal Impact for Chickens (LIC), a nonprofit dedicated to bringing lawsuits that benefit chickens—recalls growing up in a family with plenty of animals, mostly dogs. However, when at age 11, she asked for her very own animal, her parents gave her a cockatiel, Conrad. Anello says that Conrad lived for 22 years, joined later by another adopted bird, Zeke—and they both died in 2021. Anello describes the myriad things she learned from Conrad, and ways she was influenced by him. Among those was a revelatory moment in middle school when, while eating fried chicken, she started feeling uncomfortable, recognizing that this Conrad-sized food she held in her hand was…a bird. She immediately stopped eating birds, then gradually halted all meat, eventually going vegan. A graduate of Harvard Law School, Anello recounts receiving an email message regarding a meeting on campus about factory farming—and being surprised when she got there how few fellow attendees turned up. Foreshadowing that she’d evolve into a sharp, devoted, effective animal advocate, Anello took the small turnout as a sign that she needed to spring into action. And she did. Someone could trace her career arc from there to a summer internship with the Humane Society of the United States to stints working at PETA, the Animal Legal Defense Fund, and The Good Food Institute—to launching her own shop, Legal Impact for Chickens. She addresses various aspects of LIC, including the inventive suit they’ve filed against Costco, and the two canny attorneys who recently joined the organization. (,,


ALSO: I spoke briefly with Jeff Schorr, owner of Craftsman House Gallery, in St. Petersburg, which is presenting an art show, called “It’s Creating Cats & Dogs,” featuring Cat & Dog art by top local and national artists. (There was to be an opening reception on Saturday, March 11, 5-9pm, during St. Pete’s 2nd Saturday Artwork.) Schorr explained that St. Petersburg having been recognized as one of the most dog-friendly cities in the nation served as inspiration for creating this art show, which he figures will feature more than 100 pieces, traversing an array of media. These include blown glass, ceramic, jewelry, metal, wood, paper, and foam—Schorr describes a couple of the pieces, to further underscore the range presented in the show. (,,

COMEDY CORNER: Myq Kaplan’s “Ducks & Vegetarianism” (

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