Glen Hatchell: dog trainer, behaviorist: “Ask The Trainer” III

by | Dec 1, 2021

As we’ve done twice before, today’s show involved setting aside the customary “Talking Animals” format in order to present the extended feature, “Ask The Trainer,” in which listeners are invited to call or email questions about their dogs or cats, particularly involving behavioral issues. The Trainer these listeners were communicating with is Glen Hatchell, the Behavior and Enrichment Manager at the Humane Society of Tampa Bay, who’s also an accomplished dog trainer and behavior expert, having held the Certified Professional Dog Trainer certification for many years. (Glen is also a former, longtime, WMNF programmer.) Today’s edition, for whatever reasons, involved far fewer phone calls than the previous two editions, but plenty of questions submitted by email and text. We started with my own question for Glen, regarding one of our cats routinely bullying one of the other cats, particularly when that cat (with whom I’m particularly close) starts to enter the room where I spend much of my day. Acknowledging I might be anthropomorphizing, my take was bully cat was jealous of my relationship with the other cat. His suggestions included provide bully cat with a treat as soon as the other cat approaches the room, as a reward for not bullying the other cat, with the aim of the bullying halting, even when no treat is offered…Greg wrote behind the behavior,” emphasizing the importance of first consulting one’s veterinarian about something like this, before taking the issue to a behaviorist. (Compulsive licking proved to be something of a recurring theme on today’s show, in that Scott Elliott, the wonderful WMNF music programmer, texted in a comment about one of his dogs constantly licking the furniture.)…One unidentified caller who was unable to remain on hold asked if there was a solution for chronic dog barking—a question so commonly asked, Glen jokingly wondered if this query came from his wife. He outlined a number of suggested remedies, pointing out the array of causes of barking, and the variabilities across breeds. (,,

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