Melanie Sue Bowles, founder-director of Proud Spirit Horse Sanctuary

by | Aug 4, 2021

Melanie Sue Bowles—founder and director of Proud Spirit Horse Sanctuary, who alongside her husband, Jim, has shepherded the sanctuary through nearly 30 years of challenges, changes, and relocations, in service of rescuing horses and providing them refuge—recalls helping her very first horse, when they were decidedly not horse people. Although she didn’t grow up riding, or even spending time with horses, Bowles observes that she believes everyone has a “superpower”—the tricky part is discovering what yours is—and realized, by horse #2, that her superpower is “helping horses who are hurting.” She describes how one of those earliest horses, Tuxedo, had been a racehorse whose training and overall existence involved concrete, and upon arriving at Proud Spirit, was so unfamiliar with grass that he was initially bothered by walking on it. (The good news: Tuxedo became accustomed to grass, otherwise healed, and is a current member of the Proud Spirit herd.) Bowles charts the Sanctuary’s evolution, and movement: Five acres in Myakka, FL, then 50 acres there, then 320 in Mena, AR, 180 in Lincolnton, GA, and finally, mere weeks ago, landing on 50 acres in Wilkesboro, NC. She explains that she and Jim always hoped to wind up in North Carolina, and with the herd being its smallest (20 horses) in years, it was now practical to settle once when they found that parcel of land in Wilkesoboro. We revisit a conversation Melanie and I had on the show five years ago, when she frankly addressed a certain level of exhaustion, if not exasperation, with the fundraising requirements of Proud Spirit, as well as the demands of rescue and advocacy—and decided to stop taking in horses, while continuing to care for those already living at the Sanctuary. They embarked on a quest, she notes, to find someone to take over running Proud Spirit, pointing out she and Jim and are still relatively young (having started rescuing horses as very young adults) and healthy, but recognizing that they won’t always be in a position to do this work. Still looking…(,

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