Glen Hatchell, veteran dog trainer: “Ask The Trainer” II

As we did in May, in what was then an experimental effort, on today’s show we jettisoned the regular “Talking Animals” format, presenting a still semi-new extended feature, “Ask The Trainer,” in which listeners are invited to call or email questions or concerns about their dogs, particularly involving behavioral issues. That experiment in May was deemed a big success, thanks expressly to the “Trainer” in question: Glen Hatchell, the Behavior and Enrichment Manager at the Humane Society of Tampa Bay, who’s also an accomplished dog trainer and behavior expert, having held the Certified Professional Dog Trainer certification since 2014. (He’s also formerly a longtime programmer at WMNF.)  Hatchell graciously agreed to return for another session of “Ask The Trainer.”  Today’s edition involved a wide array of listener questions and canine concerns. Including Sid, who wondered—while having a “party” of petting and vigorous affection with his dog—if there’s a good command or other way to signal to the dog that the party is over…a man, whose name I didn’t catch, seeking help with a flea problem, despite regularly giving his dog flea baths…Cathy, whose Labradoodle has noise sensitivity issues, and wanted guidance on how to mitigate those issues…Donna, whose 18-month-old Goldendoodle tends to bite her heels anytime she’s holding something in her hands…there were two sets of inquiries about two pairs of pit bull type dogs…A texter named Susan who asked if it was possible to teach her seven-year-old dog new commands (Glen & I both pointed out there’s a cliché that covers this scenario)…In a somewhat similar vein, an emailer by the name of Bert inquired about attempting to train his cats, 3 and 5 years old, to go outside on walks…there was more—all adding up to another successful “Ask The Trainer.”   (,

COMEDY CORNER: We didn’t step into the Comedy Corner today.

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