Logan Vindett, executive director of Kindred Spirits Sanctuary

by | Feb 26, 2020

Logan Vindett—executive director of Kindred Spirits Sanctuary, a Citra, FL facility that provides safe, permanent refuge to disabled, abused, abandoned, and neglected farm animals—recounts growing up with a powerful love of animals, with some in her family thinking she should become a veterinarian. Vindett recalls working at a zoological park, which involved caring for exotic animals, and then her husband was hired by Kindred Spirits to create their website, started volunteering at the sanctuary to get more steeped—so Vindett began volunteering there, too, and it was something akin to love at first sight.  This was in 2006 and after a few years, she explains, she and the Kindred Spirits founders formulated a plan for Vindett to try to develop the sanctuary in certain ways, at which point she would become executive director.  She’s still there, 14 years later, and counting. Vindett offers a verbal guided tour of the Sanctuary, pointing out that, generally, species are housed together—in part, because their food tends to be specific to a given species, and there can be serious risks associated with eating food intended for another. (A notable exception: Fiona, a blind cow, lives with a goat and a sheep—a better fit, given her condition, than her sharing quarters with other cows.) Vindett outlines the various ways people can visit Kindred Spirits, including Tours, Vegan Potlucks, and the Sanctuary Sleepover. She elaborates on the virtues of these visits, allowing people direct contact with the animals—maybe even a kiss from a cow—and the educational element that drives these opportunities. Related to this, Vindett says they will offer visitors a chance to sample various kinds of vegan food, or advise them on tasty vegan counterparts to their favorite foods. (https://www.kssfl.org, https://www.facebook.com/KindredSpiritsSanctuaryFl)


ALSO: I spoke with Todd Goldfarb, who, along with his wife, own Hair of the Dog Park, a new dog park/bar hybrid in the Seminole Heights area of Tampa (a ball’s throw, incidentally, from WMNF), having its grand opening on Feb. 29. Goldfarb speaks about the numerous challenges they faced—zoning, licensing, etc.—while explaining how it will work to be a human or canine patron of Hair of the Dog, emphasizing some fundamental rules for visitors, including humans being 21 or older (conversely, no dogs under 6 months old) and having a copy of their dog’s current vaccination records. All rules—and other information–are presented on Hair of the Dog Park’s website and their Facebook page. (https://www.hairofthedogparkandbar.com, https://www.facebook.com/Hair-of-the-Dog-Park-751255295019662)



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