Samantha Szesciorka, equestrian, journalist, mustang adoption advocate

by | Jul 18, 2018

Samantha Szesciorka—a Reno-based former U.S. Army journalist whose passion for horses, particularly mustangs, is manifested in some distinctive ways—recalls that she was indeed one of those little girls who loved horses, but didn’t really have access to them until she was a teenager. She also participated in equestrian competitions in college. Szesciorka describes her four-year stint in the Army, including a one-year tour of duty in Iraq, and another tour in South Korea—much of the time, she was a military journalist, producing video or working in radio and television. When she finished her service, she moved to Reno, having received a job offer there from a television station, and worked for many years as a TV news producer. Influenced by The Long Riders Guild, Szezciorka explains how she created the Nevada Discovery Ride, extended solo treks she takes with her adopted mustang, Sage (and dog, Bella), for a variety of reasons, not least to encourage wild horse adoption—noting the challenges and rigors of these Rides, the first covering nearly 500 miles, the next extending across 1100-plus miles. She also addresses the Bureau of Land Management and some of the issues that swirl around the BLM’s Wild Horse And Burro Program in Nevada, including the conflicts with ranchers whose cattle grazes across the public land, explaining that wild horses that are rounded up and placed in holding facilities where they stay permanently—unless they’re adopted. Szesciorka talks about the impetus for launching, in March, Sagebrush Rider Magazine, her monthly online publication presenting equestrian news, stories, and essays, chiefly from and about Nevada, although her subscriber base is much wider than that. (

ALSO: I spoke with Judy Braham, who upon hearing that the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office K-9 officers (yes, the dogs) needed five new bulletproof vests—initially thinking they’d cost around $200, only to find out the price tag is $1700–launched a fundraising effort on GoFundMe.  Four days later, the campaign had raised enough for the five vests. She also described the special qualities of the new vests.

COMEDY CORNER: Jerry Seinfeld’s “Horses” (part one) (

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