Amy Kight, executive director of Busch Wildlife Sanctuary

by | Jan 17, 2018

Amy Kight—newly named executive director of Busch Wildlife Sanctuary (though she’s worked at the Jupiter, FL wildlife refuge, hospital, rehabilitation facility, and educational center since 2004)—discusses being so passionate about working with animals and so eager to do so as a very determined little kid that she landed a gig helping out at a veterinarian’s office at age six…and continued in various capacities there until she was 22. BuschGatorMeeting a woman who ran a wildlife hospital spun Kight in that direction, she recalls, and she has traveled that direction practically ever since, with a detour to return to school for training as a veterinary technician. She notes that Busch Wildlife Sanctuary treats about 4500 animals each year, from birds to bobcats to gators, pointing out the emphasis is on helping sick or injured Florida species, but the facility tends not to turn away any animal that’s brought there, or brought 636277733957798080-BuschWildlife004to their attention, citing as a recent example a kinkajou they’ve been looking after until the animal can be relocated to an establishment that cares for exotic animals. Kight explains that the Sanctuary’s goal is to release the “patients” back into the wild after treating them, but some are too injured or ill to make it, and many end up recovering, but for one reason or another cannot be released and are provided a permanent home at Busch. She also describes the Sanctuary’s multifaceted educational efforts, among them guided tours, presentations, and outreach that includes providing animals to late-night talk shows and other television programs. (,


26685399_1461790807253164_441896880683337218_oALSO: I spoke briefly with Brad Myers, aka “The Vegabond Chef,” who is slated to present a cooking demo, showing how to make his popular Mediterranean veggie burger, part of an ongoing event that, for the first time, will also become a vegan potluck, to be held Jan. 25 at the Safety Harbor Art And Music Center. (,,


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