Dr. Keith Lindsay, author of “Solitary Elephants in Japan” report

by | Aug 30, 2017

Dr. Keith Lindsay—the conservation biologist whose career reflects a longstanding dedication to studying elephants—recalls how he got started in 1977 at the Amboseli Elephants Research Project, in southern Kenya, by something of a fluke. 01-elephant-japanese-zoo.adapt.1900.1He notes that he returned to Amboseli in ensuing years, first as part of obtaining his Masters degree, then in pursuit of his Ph.D. Lindsay traces the path of shifting in recent years from a career focus on wild elephants to captive ones. He discusses the genesis of Elephants In Japan, an organization that sprang up around an elephant, Hanako, who was living by herself in a small enclosure in a Tokyo zoo1—and had lived alone for most of her life, before dying in 2016, after awareness (and funds) had been raised about her plight. This led, Lindsay notes, to commissioning a report, “Solitary Elephants in Japan,” exploring the significant number of zoos in that country housing solitary elephants, and the findings of carefully examining 14 such Japanese zoos. Lindsay reviewed his methodology and some of the key results, acknowledging the reports implications extend well beyond the Japanese zoo elephants. (http://elephantsinjapan.com)


PawCLEAR-577bd9c8daa96ALSO: I spoke briefly with Laura Carlock, co-founder of Rescued Pets dog-in-floodMovement (RPM), a Houston-based organization that has saved the lives of more than 20,000 homeless cats and dogs in that city since its 2013. In the days after Hurricane Harvey struck, RPM has played a pivotal role in helping rescue animals in and around Houston, getting supplies to them at the George R. Brown Convention Center, and coordinating shelters and other places across the country for some of these animals to go, and the transportation needed. Carlock said they need monies to continue these monumental efforts–and there’s also a wish list for those who prefer to donate items versus money—via their website: www.rescuedpetsmovement.org

COMEDY CORNER: Kevin Hart’s “Fear Of Animals” (portion) (http://kevinhartnation.com)

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