Priscilla Feral, president of Friends of Animals

by | Jul 5, 2017

Priscilla Feral—the president of Friends of Animals, an international animal advocacy organization founded in 1957—discusses FoA’s late founder, Alice Herrington, outlining the characteristics that helped account for her pioneering inroads. FOA-EXPLOITERS- SALMON-MASTER LOGO-RGB-49Feral also addresses her circumstances, as a young woman, that deposited her at the Friends of Animals offices in 1974 (when she commuted each day from Connecticut to New York and back), meaning she’s about to mark 43 years working there. After Herrington retired in 1986, she recalls, Feral was appointed president—much to her surprise—and describes she adjustments her elevation required for Feral and her colleagues as the organization moved forward in the post-5570bdc0eb07b.imageHerrington era. Feral explains how she approached widening out the Friends of Animals portfolio of issues and campaigns, from various animal rights concerns, to veganism, to a Chimpanzee project in Gambia, and the calculus of deciding to adding ones that other organizations—including high-profile ones such as the Humane Society of The United States or PETA—have been working on. Feral surveys notable FoA successful Priscilla_Feralcampaign triumphs, domestically and internationally, and points with particular pride to the launching in 2013 of the Wildlife Law Program, in which a small squad of attorneys are using courtroom efforts to affect change and achieve improved lives for animals. As someone who’s worked in this field for more than four decades, Feral responds to questions about how she’s mitigated compassion burn-out (or general burn-out). She relates the story behind her surname, which carries more history and dimension than you might think. (

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