Jamie Katz, Pet Detective

by | Jul 6, 2016

Jamie Katz — who runs the only licensed private investigation agency in Florida that specializes in locating pets (so, yes, she’s a pet detective)—discusses growing up with a passion for animals, how during her childhood there was just one dog and two cats in her family, but in her teen years, her exposure to animals widened out considerably, and her love for them deepened. jamie & Fletcher 6Katz discusses her foray into becoming a private investigator, training to find missing pets, and opening her own firm. She recalls the details of her first case after hanging out her own shingle, and notes that her practice does not only search for cats and dogs, providing details of her first ferret case. Katz jamie Fletcher & Gableexplains how she works with her tracking dogs, addresses how she typically collaborates with a client to bring home their missing pet, and outlines definite strategies she feels are essential to successfully finding those animals. (Clear, effective signs versus the hastily-assembled flyers many of us use when a pet goes missing is a key aspect of her modus operandi.) Katz presents a handful of tips to help prevent one’s animal from going missing in the first place. She also issues a cautionary tale about offering a pet, via “Free Cat” or “Free Dog” notices on Craig’s List, social media and the like. (http://pijamiekatz.com)

COMEDY CORNER: Daniel Sloss’ “Gay Penguins” (http://danielsloss.com)

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