Nicole Green, director of Animalearn

by | May 4, 2016

Nicole Green—director of Animalearn, an organization that promotes humane science education, and helps educational institutions, from elementary school through medical and veterinary school—recounts the history and evolution of Animalearn, launched in 1990 by the American Anti-Vivisection Society. BCR1Reacting to the observation that, for many, dissecting a frog in science or biology class is an experience they had first hand, or—at the very least—a widely understood cliché, Green explains that in 2016, it’s still a very common practice. She outlines some of the outreach efforts AL-logoAnimalearn pursues at teacher conferences and other events, and the importance of one or more teachers from a given school or district evidencing a strong interest in embracing a modern, humane curriculum who can serve as an emissary for that school or district to more broadly embrace and implement that curriculum. tafa-nicole_webGreen describes The Science Bank, the program through which Animalearn provides schools cutting-edge software and other educational products, and these materials are loaned to the participating institutions at no cost. She points out that a growing majority of veterinary schools are incorporating Science sb-img_al-rightBank (and similar) programs, as opposed to training on animal cadavers or live animals. Green recalls her own path, growing up loving animals, becoming an animal activist as a college student and beyond—including writing a regular column and hosting a radio show, “Speak Out For Animals,” and eventually deciding her interests, passions and commitments could be best served at Aniamalearn, where she’s worked for 15 years. (,


ALSO: I spoke briefly with Gracie Grieshop, who described various aspects of Pet Pal Animal Shelter, the animals they look after and make available for adoption, the services the offer, and array of events they presents.  (



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