Elias Weiss Friedman, dog photographer: The Dogist

by | Jan 27, 2016

Elias Weiss Friedman—the enormously popular photographer specializing in dogs known as The Dogist; at last count, he had 1.7 million followers on Instagram—discusses growing up in a family where there were always multiple dogs around, and photography was important: his Dad took pictures, so did Friedman, and there was a darkroom in the house. cachorrosFriedman traces his post-college path, including working at a brand strategy firm COVER. The Dogist hi resand launching a short-lived, but successful start-up, and an online video enterprise, Barking At Dogs.Com, which gave voice to an array of canines through dog-on-the-street interviews. He explains how the latter venture proved to be a direct jumping off point for his guise as The Dogist, in which he quickly and spontaneously photographs dogs he meets in and around New York City. Friedman describes how he works, and shoots—sort of a day in the life of The Dogist (and how that accounts for the fact that, at the moment, he does nottumblr_ngpeyuMlRt1slm9b6o1_1280 have a dog himself). He recently published a book, also called “The Dogist,” that features photographs he’s 6400082_instagram-sensation-the-dogist-releases_t4408f3c0shot of more than 1000 dogs. Friedman addresses how his Instagram following developed steadily in the wake of profiles in The Huffington Post, Buzzfeed and elsewhere, and then exponentially to the point he’s reached that 1.7 million level of Instagram followers. Towards the end of the conversation, Friedman outlines the Give A Dog A Bone program he created, which helps tell the story of shelter dogs—and get them adopted—as well as raise awareness of the plight of pit bulls. All photos: The Dogist (http://thedogist.com)


ALSO: I spoke briefly with Loretta Williams, event coordinator at St. Francis Society Animal Rescue, explains the organization’s history and mission, and describes the then-forthcoming Hambingo on Domingo fundraising event taking place Jan. 31 at Hamburger Mary’s in Ybor City. (www.stfrancisrescue.org)

COMEDY CORNER: Pete Holmes’ “Dropped A Dog” [portion] (www.peteholmes.com)

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