Indra Lahiri, founder of Indraloka Animal Sanctuary

by | Aug 5, 2015

Indra Lahiri — founder of Indraloka Animal Sanctuary in Mehoopany, Pennsylvania, one of the few sanctuaries that houses both farm animals and other species—recalls having a close connection with animals as a child, including being that prototypical neighborhood kid who tends to sick or injured animals. indraloka_as_logo_final_03Into adulthood and beyond, rescuing animals became athrough line of Lahiri’s story, but nonetheless she acknowledges, it was “a big leap” to start Indraloka, echoing the story of many sanctuary founders who saw a dire situation &/or an urgent need to care for animals, and acted on it. In discussing the radiating power of Indralokacowhealing that exists at Indraloka, she recounts the tale of Penny, a factory farm dairy cow that had been forcibly impregnated regularly until she was rescued and relocated to Indraloka: Penny had lived there seven years, and not given birth again during that time, yet when Lahiri brought a starving calf to the sanctuary—one they weren’t sure would make it—Penny began lactating, nursing the calf, who kidsatIndralokarecovered. Indraloka also places a premium on offering educational programs at the sanctuary for students of all ages, from kindergartners to grad students. Lahiri addresses the rationale for offering the programs, and cites examples of some, and the impact they can have on individual students. (

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