Mariesa & Chris Hughes, founders of The Mr. Mo Project

by | Jul 29, 2015

Mariesa and Chris Hughes — co-founders of the Mr. Mo Project, which places senior shelter dogs, who are sometimes also ill (and therefore often strong candidates to be euthanized) into ongoing foster homes, underwriting the dogs’ medical and food costs for the foster families—each discuss their long history with rescue dogs, extending back to early childhood.National-Senior-Dog-Rescue-Project-Mr-Mo-copy The married couple also recount the formative stages of their romance, where dogs—specifically her two getting along with his six—proved pivotal to determining whether the relationship could advance to a more serious level. Mariesa and Chris recall when Moses, the elderly (and surrendered) pitbull who became the organization’s namesake, entered their world—and rocked it with his “larger than life” personality. That world was rocked in a much darker way when Moses was diagnosed with a tumor on his spinal cord which claimed him six weeks later, and his specific story—senior dog, Moses2enormous medical expenses—figured prominently into what became the launching of the Mr. Mo Project in June of 2014. Noting they receive 10-20 daily requests for help with the dogs fitting one or both descriptions, the duo explain how they select the animals to help directly, contacting comparable organizations to help with the others, outlining the criteria they use for arriving at those selections. Mariesa and Chris emphasize that there are no geographical constraints to the location of the older dogs who are helped by the Mr. Mo Project, or the foster homes where they may wind up placed. (

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