Darlene Arden, author-pet expert: medical marijuana for pets

Darlene Arden— author, pet expert and certified animal behavior consultant —discusses some of the many books she’s written over her long career. DarleneArdenShe also explains what it means to be a certified animal behavior consultant, and the training she underwent. Speaking to the core topic of today’s show, Arden recalls how she first became interested in medical marijuana for pets. This leads to some of the salient points of the issue at the moment, including that there is plenty of la-na-pet-pot-20150317anecdotal evidence of the virtues of treats, biscuits, cookies and other items featuring cannabis compounds for elderly pets and/or those suffering from chronic pain…that this topic inhabits a giant swatch of grey area legally and, perhaps, ethically…that unlike edible items for humans, products for pets aren’t made from marijuana but from hemp, the stem of the cannabis plant that carries little or no THC, which produces the feeling of getting high…that veterinarians aren’t currently allowed to prescribe cannabis to pets…that the FDA appears to be closely monitoring the darlenewebsite and other marketing platforms of the companies that are selling cannabis-oriented pet products… There are callers and emailers weighing in, widening out the discussion in meaningful ways, including a caller with a dog she reports had seemed to be at death’s door, began giving the dog cannabis-oriented treats pretty much as a last resort—her dog has rallied and is doing well. (www.darlenearden.com)

ALSO: I spoke briefly with Andrea Ciesluk, of Pasco County Animal Services, about its then-forthcoming Woofstock event, designed to raise money for the agency’s medical fund. (http://www.pascocountyfl.net/index.aspx?NID=408)

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One Reply to Darlene Arden, author-pet expert: medical marijuana for pets

  1. Nancie Barnett says:

    I am a medical human provider for medical cannabis and i have to take issue with your speaker’s comments about medical cannabis causing over doses because that is simply not true. Plus, medical cannabis is Safe for children and in fact we treat kids with medical cannabis who have seizures, cancer and psych disorders and other medical diseases. if someone OD’d on cannabis, they had other substances or medications in their system that were in the lethal toxicity range. The speaker made it sound like medical cannabis is just as bad a meth or heroin and that is just simply not true.
    The speaker needs to clarify her plant type when she speaks, because what she is speaking about is the indica plant type and a high CBD indica and yes, the most common delivery system is either a tincture which is a oral liquid or a topical or an edible when used in animals.
    Cannabis has been used in the vet industry with equines for years and in other animals without an issue.

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