Brean Cunningham & Douglas Seirup, co-directors of “Dogs On The Inside”

by | Mar 4, 2015

Brean Cunningham and Douglas Seirup—co-directors of “Dogs On The Inside,” a feature-length documentary that examines a program whereby prison inmates at North Central Correctional Institution in Gardner, MA foster neglected & abused stray dogs—discuss what drew them to this realm and, specifically, the “Don’t Throw Us Away” program to be explored as a documentary, and how they received permission to film at the Institution. brean bio photoThe pair (Cunningham is at left, Seirup to the right) explains the sort of ground rules that accompanied that Doug Seiruppermission, including vetting of their questions for the inmates, and being granted only a total of three days of shooting at the prison. Cunningham and Seirup address what I describe as the 360-degree view of   “Don’t Throw Us Away” their doc provides, noting how many folks contribute to this kind of program (rescuers, transporters, trainers, the inmates, prison officials, adoption people, and others) and the ripple effect that transforms them Thomas_Byram_Groundsall. (It also makes for some unlikely comrades: A prison guard, Sergeant Lutz, emerges as an enormously kind and philosophical figure, describing the inmates in generous terms and offering hands-on help with the dogs.) The directing duo each identify their picks for which of the dogs and inmate dog handlers constitute the emotional center of the film, and why. (Let’s just say Sadie the dog and Candido the inmate came out on top.) Cunningham and Seirup speak to what sort of impression or message they wanted viewers of the film to leave with. (

ALSO: We spoke briefly with Karen Hubby, of the Animal Coalition of Tampa, or ACT, about a new challenge facing this organization that provides low-cost spay/neuter surgeries and other medical services to dogs and cats. About a year ago, an arsonist set their building on fire, causing significant damage and claiming the lives of three cats who lived there. They relocated to a new building, but the owner of that building has now informed ACT they need to move out by April 1. So they’re seeking help in finding a new space, or any suggested solution. (

COMEDY CORNER: Dana Gould’s “Animal Aftercare (Part Two)”   (

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