Leo Grillo, founder of D.E.L.T.A. Rescue

Leo Grillo—founder of D.E.L.T.A. (Dedication & Everlasting Love To Animals) Rescue—recalls the circumstances that prompted him to start the 115-acre Acton, CA sanctuary, which this year marks its 35th anniversary. web-leo-cattery.23He discusses the guiding principle that led him to help those initial three dozen abandoned dogs he discovered in the mountains, and that drives his days and decisions 35 years later. Grillo explains that D.E.L.T.A. is a “care for life” facility, meaning that none of the animals is available for adoption. He explains both the statistical (on average, people who adopt animals only keep them for 2.5 years, Pets Delta Rescuebefore returning them to the shelters) and anecdotal (assorted deeply disappointing experiences during the time that D.E.L.T.A. did adopt out animals) reasons for this policy, and recounts the final adoption—a dog, Bonnie–that led to the change. Grillo addresses why he located the sanctuary in the desert of Acton, CA, and describes the facility, including the experimentation in housing the animals there that resulted in his innovation of the straw bale doghouse. He fields some listener delta_rescuecalls and emails, including one who took great exception to Grillo’s stance on “shaming” those who who’ve adopted pets but find they need to give up those animals for one reason or another. (http://deltarescue.org)

COMEDY CORNER: Kevin Nealon’s “Chimp Fear”   (http://kevinnealon.com)

MUSIC: Rebekah Pulley’s “Talking Animals Theme,” The Replacements’ “Cruella DeVille,” instrumentals

NAME THAT ANIMAL TUNE: Jethro Tull’s “Mother Goose” (R.I.P. Glenn Cornick)


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