Jackson Galaxy, host of “My Cat From Hell”

by | Jun 25, 2014

Jackson Galaxy—the cat behaviorist who hosts Animal Planet’s hit show “My Cat From Hell”—discusses how the rough road he’s traveled in his personal life (including addiction and a breakdown) help account for his insights and intuition in helping the troubled cats and/or troubled humans at the core of each edition of “My Cat From Hell.” about-jackson-galaxy0He also elaborates on a minor motif in his book, “Cat Daddy: What The World’s Most Incorrigible Cat Taught Me About Life, Love, and Coming Clean,” in which he notes that he is not a veterinarian and does not have letters after his name that would denote an advanced degree, explaining that while he greatly respects formal education—and often teams with a vet when pursuing his cases on “My Cat From Hell” and otherwise—his own work tends to rely on instinct, sensitivity and experience. He spends more than a little time addressing Benny, the titular cat of his book he shared his life CatDaddy_FINAL-smallerwith for 14 years, greatly influencing Galaxy personally and helping shape his approach professionally. Galaxy recounts some of the key elements of the Lux case—Lux being the high-profile cat so “Hell”-ish that his family apparently called 911 for help with the feline, and points out how the supreme challenges of this case were humbling and prompted to reassess his methods. He also provides a sneak preview of his next book, “Catification: Designing A Happy And Stylish Home For Your Cat (And You),” due out in October. He also underscores his vehement opposition to declawing cats. (http://jacksongalaxy.com)

COMEDY CORNER: Joe Zimmerman’s “Pet Snakes” (portion) (www.zimmermancomedy.com)

MUSIC: Rebekah Pulley’s “Talking Animals Theme,” Rebekah Pulley’s version of “Bird On The Wire,” Gracie Grieshop & The Other Musicians Performing At The Talking Animals 10th Anniversary Bash’s version of “Good Ol’ Dog,” instrumentals

 NAME THAT ANIMAL TUNE: Michael Jackson’s “Rockin’ Robin ”


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