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Allan Havey—the comedian and actor best known at the moment as Lou Avery on “Mad Men”—recalls his formative years as a budding animal lover with the family dachshund Peanuts. Lou-Avery-Mad-Men-Season-Seven-Episode-OneHe describes something of a kinship with animals, always liking them and ah_harrahs5lgwenjoying being around them, but noted that work on the road as comic, as well as residing in a small apartment in New York City for a number of years, precluded Havey from living with any animals for decades. However, he explains, about nine or 10 years ago, as Havey and his now-wife Susan were living in Santa Monica, a cat named Moochie—perhaps sensing an animal lover who’d been on hiatus too long—adopted him. Havey describes Friends of Shelter Animals, the nonprofit he co-founded which recognizes that municipal and county animal 1794806_612703062146981_1502867019_nshelters are typically underfunded and lacking resources, and seeks to supplement those services and round-out those resources with periodic donations. Noting he’s a longtime St. Louis Cardinal fan, Havey recalls how a phone call from Tony La Russa led to his performing on benefits for La Russa’s Animal Rescue Foundation (ARF), among the many benefits he regularly does. (La Russa was a guest on Talking Animals in 2007.) On the non-animal front, Havey traces the path he’s traveled mm-tmagArticledriven by a lifelong passion for acting, remembering loving the feeling of performing as a kindergartner, to deciding to seriously study acting in college and beyond, to the multifaceted thrill of now playing Lou Avery on “Mad Men.” (,

COMEDY CORNER: Bill Burr’s “Dog Trainer” (

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Duncan Strauss is the producer-host of “Talking Animals,” which he launched at KUCI in California in 2003, combining his passions for animals, radio, journalism, music and comedy. The show has aired since late 2005 on Tampa’s WMNF. Strauss lives in Jupiter Farms, FL with his family, including four cats, two horses and one dog. He spends each day talking to those animals, and maintains they talk right back to him, an as yet unverified claim.

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