Don Goldstein, veteran greyhound advocate

Don Goldstein—veteran greyhound advocate and member of the Board of Directors of Greyhound Rescue Adoptions of Tampa Bay, Inc. (GREAT)—discusses his history with greyhounds, with he and his wife having adopted their first one more than 20 years ago.11469_311427300491_8231140_n He goes on to explain that a number of other greyhounds have since been part of the Goldstein family (they live with three right now), and that he and his wife have fostered more than 20 dogs. Goldstein also describes what he finds special about greyhounds, why he’s enchanted by them. Mindful that the interview was pegged to National Adopt A Greyhound, Goldstein outlines important facets of living with a greyhound—the virtues of life with a greyhound and some of the aspects that can potentially prove to be challenges on a dog-by-dog basis. Goldstein also elaborates on the jarring news that surfaced earlier in the year, reporting that at Florida racetracks over the course of seven months, 74 greyhounds 6a00d8341c630a53ef0120a6195ded970b-600widied—noting that the death toll has since risen to 100.  He provides some reporting and insights about the previous day’s Florida Senate Gaming Committee meeting, which Goldstein attended, in which the Committee voted to require tracks to report injuries for the first time; on the other hand, the measure proposing to allow GoldsteinGreyhounds.aspxtracks to operate their poker rooms and slot machines without offering racing—so-called “de-coupling”—was pulled by its sponsor, Senator Maria Sachs, when it became clear it had dim prospects for passing unless the language were tweaked. Goldstein expresses optimism that the amendment could be re-tooled, re-introduced—and perhaps be approved—before the current legislative session ends in three weeks.  (,

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