Joey Camen: Comic, Voiceover Actor, Author

by | Jan 8, 2014

Joey Camen—a veteran comedian and voiceover actor who has just published his first book, “My Life With Snoopy: How One Shelter Dog’s Love Changed A Man’s Life And Other Tails Of Adventure”—begins the interview doing the voice of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Snoopy_COVER_smallHe elaborates on his voiceover work, before describing his formative years growing up in Detroit, including a traumatic experience involving his childhood dog, also named Snoopy. That experience put him off having a dog for 30 years, until—prompted partly by spending a lot of time with friends who had rescued and adopted dogs—he decided to adopt a dog from the Burbank Animal Shelter. He wound up with a Sheltie-mix, the titular Snoopy.  Camen addresses what he found special about Snoopy, the transformative powers the dog had on him, his complex feelings about veterinarians, and how–still heartbroken about the loss of Snoopy, who died in 2010—he now considers it possible that he would bring another dog into his life  (

ALSO: We spoke briefly with Karen Atwood, of Florida Parrot Rescue, tied to January being “Adopt A Rescued Bird Month.”  She offered some important information for those who might be considering adopting a bird, including touting the virtues of fostering a bird.  (

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