Mark Devries, director of “Speciesism: The Movie”

Mark Devries—director of the new documentary, “Speciesism: The Movie”—discusses how the film came about, and how he first became interested in factory farming. la-et-mn-speciesism-review-20131108-001He traces the genesis of “Speciesism” to encountering some PETA protests, spurring an interest in learning more about what truly goes on behind the walls of factory farming operations, at about the same time he saw a Michael Moore documentary and felt inspired to try his hand at that sort of DevriesEditfilmmaking. Devries describes the Moore-like cinematic that then unfolded, where “Speciesism: The Movie” carries Devries’ voice and often show him onscreen, as he first seeks an interview with PETA president Ingrid Newkirk. He lands that interview, and there’s a parade of prominent figures chatting onscreen, including Peter Singer and Temple Grandin, as the film widens out from the factory farming inquest to a far-reaching examination of speciesism. Part of what makes the documentary notable is that Devries made it mostly while a college student—with no filmmaking training–completing it just after graduation, before starting law school. (,

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