Jill Rappaport, “Today Show” reporter

Jill Rappaport—veteran journalist who’s about to celebrate 22 years on NBC’s “The Today Show,” where she now specializes in reporting stories about pets and animal welfare–discusses her lifelong love of animals.JillPeteyCHRISTOPHER.jpg She goes on to explain how, even as the “Today” entertainment reporter—a post she held for 15-metrojill16 years of her stint on the program—that passion for animals proved significant, helping to break the ice in interviews with stars/fellow animal lovers like Russell Crowe. Rappaport notes that writing her first book, “People We Know, Horses They Love” and chronicling on “The Today Show”  her beloved German shepherd Jack’s battle with cancer—including chemo and a leg amputation—constituted the twin turning points of her career, reinventing herself as self-proclaimed “animal advocate” on “Today” and animal welfare correspondent for “NBC Nightly News.”  She described her “Bow To Wow” adoption segment and its track record for finding home for the participating animals (100%), the challenges of deciding what organizations and issues to cover amidst limited airtime, and her attendant persistence pitching stories to various NBC producers, and more.  (www.facebook.com/jill.rappaport.75?fref=ts)


ALSO: We spoke briefly with Stephanie Downs, co-founder and president of the Fix-It Foundation, updating us on her full-length conversation on the July 20, 2011 edition of “Talking Animals” outlining the unique nationwide  process by which they match-up needy pet owners and funders who will underwrite the spay or neuter procedure, and the research project conducted in St. Croix seeking to identify various methods to promote  spay/neuter even in areas culturally disinclined. (http://fixit-foundation.org)

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2 Replies to Jill Rappaport, “Today Show” reporter

  1. Candace Barron says:

    Dear Mr. Strauss,

    There is a situation in Salem, Missouri that I would like to make you aware of. A yellow Labrador named Phineas was unjustly sentenced to be euthanized by the City for allegedly being vicious. Hundreds of thousands of dog/animal lovers from around the country and the world have been following Phineas’ plight. This Thursday, October 17th, a hearing had been scheduled wherein Phineas might very well have been ordered to be set free. We were all anxiously awaiting this hearing and hoping for the best.

    Unfortunately, this last Friday night, October 11th, Phineas was stolen from the veterinary clinic where he was being held. Hundreds of thousands of us are now desperately trying to help locate Phineas. We are asking for your company’s help.

    The attorney who was representing Phineas has pledged a $25,000 reward for any information leading to the arrest and conviction of whoever might have stolen and hurt Phineas. We are asking that you take up this cause.

    Please give your urgent consideration to this request.

    The attorney’s name is Joseph P. Simon and you can contact him through his Facebook page at Joseph P. Simon Law LLC.

    Thank you so much and please help us save Phineas!

  2. Duncan says:

    Hi Candace,

    Thanks for your note. Phineas’ story sounds truly awful on a number of levels, but I can’t help thinking that–as this is a comment to my post on Jill Rappaport being a guest on “Talking Animals”–that you must really intend this information for her.

    After all, she is television reporter who has a national platform, with the “Today” show & “NBC Nightly New,” while I host a radio show in Tampa.

    So it seems impractical for me to contact Mr. Simon, or otherwise pursue this matter. But I urge you to contact Ms. Rappaport to do so, and wish you–& Phineas–the best of luck with this. Thanks.
    Kind Regards,

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