Dr. Dee Boersma, professor and penguin expert

by | Aug 28, 2013


Dr. Dee Boersma—the Wadsworth Endowed Chair in Conservation Science in the University of Washington’s department, and who has been referred to as the “Jane Goodall of Penguins”—discusses the circumstances that precipitated her studying Galapagos penguins, which she’s been doing for the ensuing 40 years. galapagosl-2She addresses the scientific importance of such a long-term study, noting the specific shifts reflectedlogo_sentinels through The Penguin Project (now called Penguin Sentinels) in the environment on the Galapagos and other locales—underscoring the impact of climate change.  Dr. Boersma also explained how, in the resulting face of declining penguin population, she and her colleagues began building nesting areas for the Galapagos penguins, seeking to spur successful hatchings. She also speaks to the surprising traits of penguins, their dark side, and how she’s found herself attached to certain penguins over the years, including a male named “Turbo.”    (www.penguinsentinels.org/www.globalpenguinsociety.org )


ALSO: We spoke briefly with Ted Koran, co-founder with wife Karen of The Critter Place, a sanctuary caring for nearly 70 animals in Weeki Wachee, where they’ve faced some recent challenges in operating the sanctuary—Ted’s been laid off, they received a foreclosure notice, and Karen is battling ovarian cancer.   (http://thecritterplace.weebly.comwww.facebook.com/TheCritterPlace)

COMEDY CORNER: Jim Gaffian’s “I’m A Manatee”  (portion) (www.jimgaffigan.com)

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