Michele Schilling, Bay Area Disaster Animal Response Team (DART)

Michele Schilling—of Bay Area Disaster Animal Response Team (DART)—explains what exactly Bay Area DART is, and does, including how many volunteers are involved. 123She also discusses her own history with animals and otherwise, and what drew her to join Bay Area DART, going on to outline the sorts of training the volunteers typically undergo. Then, Michele responds to a hypothetical scenario I create, using the then-current Tropical Storm Chantal—which was on the verge of becoming a hurricane, so the hypothetical pretended it would make landfall with considerable force–laying out how Bay Area DART volunteers would be expected to deploy, how they might help implement evacuation and sheltering plans, etc.  She acknowledges and addresses how Hurricane Katrina was a total game changer in terms of disaster response. Michele additionally underscored the fundamental importance of pet owners making all sorts of preparations in advance of a hurricane or other disaster, formulating a careful and thorough plan.  (www.bayareadart.org)

Bay Area DART 2

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