Jack Talman, founder of Fostering Is Cool

by | Apr 3, 2013

Jack Talman–founder of Fostering Is Cool, a Tampa organization that promotes the fostering of cats and dogs, with an emphasis on on the animals saved from a grim fate by rescue groups–discusses his background as a lifelong animal lover, and how after retiring (he owned a transportation company), he had the time and inclination to work directly on behalf of animal welfare. JackTalmanHe recalls how this included helping start the Animal Coalition of Tampa, and how he launched Fostering Is Cool after recognizing the need for a sort of matchmaking service between Hillsborough County Animal Services (where puppies and kittens have to reach a certain age before they can be spayed/neutered–and, therefore, eligible for adoption–and failing to do so all but ensures a grim fate), people willing to foster animals, and rescue groups who would be in a position to pluck such an animal from HCAS and hand off to the new foster parent Talman had pair them with. He notes that in the four years since he began the organization, Fostering Is Cool  has been responsible for placing some 500 cats and dogs in temporary home while awaiting permanent ones–and that while the focus is Hillsborough County, anyone interested in fostering who applies to the program through the website will be connected with rescues and shelters anywhere in Florida.
COMEDY CORNER: Jim Gaffigan “I’m A Manatee” (edit) (http://jimgaffigan.com)

MUSIC: EELS’ “Little Bird,” Miike Snow’s “Animal,”instrumentals  

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