Nancy Perry, Vice-President of Government Relations, ASPCA

by | Oct 31, 2012

Nancy Perry–Vice-President of Government Relations for the American Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty To Animals (ASPCA)–first offers an initial assessment on how pets and other animals in the Northeast were faring in the aftermath of the storm, based on reports from ASPCA colleagues in the field. WildHorsesHerdRunOtherwise, the interview was chiefly devoted to the topic of horse welfare, discussing some grim realities of horse slaughter: this included that, while there are no legal slaughter houses in the U.S. as of 2009, huge numbers of American horses are transported each year across the Canadian and Mexican borders to be slaughtered, then ends up in Europe and Japan, where horse meat is considered a delicacy. Perry also addresses the array of factors behind horse slaughter, the medical risks and other less-obvious downsides, and what actions can be taken to halt it. She also spends some time delving into the complex subject of wild horse in this country and their treatment by the Bureau of Land Management, which is a troubled scenario and improvement seems to very slow and very incremental. There are a number of other equine welfare topics we didn’t have time to explore–including horse soring, horse racing and horse carriages–that we hope to discuss with Nancy Perry on a subsequent edition of “Talking Animals.” (,

ALSO: We spoke briefly with Gracie Grieshop, marketing director of Pet Pal Animal Shelter, about some of the organization’s forthcoming events. Grieshop also spoke wearing her hat as the leader of the Sunset Bridge Band about some of their gigs, including a then-impending performance at the Tampa location of Farm Sanctuary’s the Walk For Animals Nov 3. (,

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