Jane Velez-Mitchell, TV Journalist, Bestselling Author & Animal Advocate

by | Sep 19, 2012


Jane Velez-Mitchell–award-winning television journalist and best-selling author who hosts the nightly “Jane Velez-Mitchell” show on HLN (CNN’s sister network)–discusses some of her childhood, tracing her path of becoming someone who speaks and works so passionately on behalf of animals. She also addresses the importance of video–whether it’s undercover footage shot at factory farming operations or more produced pieces like “Farm To Fridge”–to educate people and affect change. On a related note, Velez-Mitchell gives her brethren in the media a pretty poor score when it comes to evaluating their coverage of animal welfare issues. She also offers some observations about the conflicts and hypocrisy that can afflict activists, noting a particular pet peeve is that environmentalists have somehow eschewed a plant-based platform, but on the other hand, recalled dining with a peace activist who had a big piece of meat on her plate, Velez-Mitchell commented on the contradiction–triggering in the activist a profound epiphany. (www.HLNTV.com/shows/jane-velez-mitchell, www.facebook.com/JaneVelezMitchellHLN)

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