Marisa Miller Wolfson, writer-director of the documentary “Vegucated”

by | Aug 15, 2012

Marisa Miller Wolfson–the writer-director of “Vegucated,” the award-winning documentary tracking three dyed-in-the-wool meat and cheese eating New Yorkers who accept a challenge to go vegan for six weeks (WMNF presented the film’s Tampa Bay area premiere)—discusses her pre-“Vegucated” life, including her formative years devoted to animals and later years as an animal activist and vegan advocate. She also addresses the impetus for making “Vegucated,” her first film, how and why she ended up selecting the trio of folks at the center of the film. Miller also explains how she grappled with how much factory farming footage and other images of cruelty to present onscreen in her film relative to other films that share similar themes and concerns, and arriving at the lighter, often-humorous tone that marks “Vegucated.” She also weighs in on some of the philosophical gulfs that exist in the vegan realm, including–when it comes to lifestyle changes to embrace veganism–the “baby steps” vs “do it now” debate. And much more…. (,

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