Diane Weigandt, expert on raw food diets for dogs & cats

Diane Weigandt–an expert on raw food diets for dogs and cats–discusses what spurred her initial interest and research into raw food diets for dogs and cats, noting her history as a lifelong animal lover and the sort of kid who often tended to sick or injured animals she’d find near her house. She also explains why raw food diets are important, what the virtues are, what generally isn’t understood by those feeding their animals conventional pet food, especially kibble. Weigandt elaborates on the impact such conventional food, especially kibble, can have on animals, focusing on how much liquid cats should derive from their food (70%) relative to how much they derive from dry food (10%), and how hard that can be on the cat and its organs. She touches on the consulting she does for people about placing their animals on raw diets, and we hear from Shari Silk, who sought Weigandt’s counsel about a kitten experiencing bloody stool, and how Weigandt’s raw diet recommendations solved the problem within two days, and that this cat has remained on a raw diet. Weigandt also fielded calls from a number of callers, some who were enthusing about having already transferred their dog &/or cat to a raw diet, and some who were clearly hearing the details about raw food for the first time. (www.RawFedDogsAndCats.com)

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