Carrie Brownstein of Wild Flag (& Sleater-Kinney) and “Portlandia”

This part of June marks the ninth anniversary of “Talking Animals” and to celebrate in recent years, I’ve tried to present a special guest or two–at least, special to me! So today’s guest is Carrie Brownstein–musician, writer and actress who’s the singer-guitarist of the great new band Wild Flag and before that, seminal rock trio Sleater-Kinney; she’s also, alongside SNL’s Fred Armisen, the co-creator and co-star of the celebrated sketch series “Portlandia”–who discusses how in the last year of Sleater-Kinney’s existence (then, after the band went “on hiatus”), she began volunteering at the Oregon Humane Society. She explains why she chose to spend her time and energy that way in response to the demise of the band, what aspects of working with and helping animals seemed to align with that transitional time in her life, and the sense of loss. Also, she notes that she was so passionate and put in so many hours at the Oregon Humane Society, that she won an award–what she didn’t say: the award was Volunteer Of The Year. She mentions that she then became an employee there, working in the training and behavior department. Brownstein says that as Wild Flag and “Portlandia” geared up, she had to forgo her work her at the Humane Society. She also discusses The New Yorker profile on her, the memoir she’s writing, how “Portlandia” has spawned some additional acting opportunities, and more. (,

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COMEDY CORNER: Bill Burr’s “Pitbull” (

MUSIC: eels’ “Lone Wolf,” Ry Cooder’s version of “3 Cool Cats,” Wild Flag’s “Racehorse,” instrumentals

NAME THAT ANIMAL TUNE: Echo & The Bunnymen’s “Crocodile”

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  1. Lynn says:

    Great show, and great interview with Ms. Brownstein. Looking forward to season 3 and her book <3

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