Ruby Roth, Author-Illustrator

by | May 16, 2012

Ruby Roth–the author-illustrator whose new children’s book, “Vegan Is Love: Having Heart And Taking Action” has triggered more than a little controversy and criticism for its direct style and sometimes graphic illustrations, and been showered with plaudits for the same reasons–discusses her childhood and teen years, in terms of her formative experiences with both animals and art. She talks about her first children’s book, “That’s Why We Don’t Eat Animals,” how her experiences as an elementary school teacher who couldn’t find a book to show her students curious about her veganism prompted her to write this one, and how it elicited little controversy, especially as compared with the hubbub surrounding “Vegan Is Love.” Roth also addresses her approach to writing and illustrating “Vegan Is Love,” including talking about certain passages that have particularly touched off the book’s brouhaha. She also opines on the media coverage of the book and the controversy, and reacts to the recent passing of Maurice Sendak, a towering figure in her field and someone with whom Roth is philosophically aligned. (,

ALSO: We also spoke briefly with Amber Simpson, one of the organizers of a then-imminent vegan bake sale to benefit some very ill kittens (their mother is feral), who needed to spend time in an incubator on oxygen. All this care has been racking up a hefty veterinarian bills, which the May 18 vegan bake sale was intended to help defray. Contributions can still be made to help the kittens by visiting, clicking on the Paypal link and writing “sick kittens” in the memo line. (

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