Dr. Denise Herzing, pioneering dolphin researcher

by | Jan 18, 2012

Dr. Denise Herzing–a pioneering researcher who has spent 27 summers in Bahamian waters studying Atlantic spotted dolphins: the Wild Dolphin Project, and author of “Dolphin Diaries: My 25 Years With Spotted Dolphins”–discusses various phases of her career, and her fascination with dolphins that began in childhood.



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She also recounts the influence Jane Goodall had on her career, as well as on the design and scope of the Wild Dolphin Project, and the importance of “etiquette” in the pursuit of a longterm study of wild animals. Dr. Herzing described Atlantic spotted dolphins, and some of the key traits that distinguish them from bottlenose dolphins, including that the former’s spot patterns change as they age. She also explained various facets of what’s increasingly become a key component of the Wild Dolphin Project: Fostering two-way communication between dolphins and humans, and addressing the implications of what such advances might mean. (www.WildDolphinProject.org, www.Facebook.com/Wild.Dolphin.Project)

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