Harry Hayward, Natty Moss Bond, Ronny Elliott, Tampa musicians & veteran animal lovers

by | Nov 2, 2011

Harry Hayward, Natty Moss Bond and Ronny Elliott –Tampa musicians and veteran animal lovers–discuss the then-forthcoming benefit for Harry, who is facing a medical challenge, but as with many musicians, doing so without health insurance. They also recount, sometimes tongues firmly in cheeks, when their love for animals first took hold in a meaningful way. 


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Harry and Ronny–who have known each other since the late 60s–recall how they met, the first band they were in together (Duckbutter) and how Ronny influenced Harry to become a vegetarian, which they’ve both been for 40+ years. Harry also briefly explains a bit about his diagnosis, and the various attendant challenges as someone without health insurance, including that one of the treatment options would cost more than $100,000. Natty, Ronny and Harry address some details of the benefit for Harry, such as the seven-band bill (including Ronny, Natty & Harry himself performing in one or more of those bands), the raffle, the silent auction, and more. In one form or another, we also hear some animal songs from each of the three, including some performed live. See specifics below. (www.HelpHayward.com , www.tinyurl.com/3tfdsbs)

COMEDY CORNER: Matt Braunger’s “Owls–Part 1” (www.MattBraunger.com)

MUSIC: Laura Veirs’ version of “The Fox,” Natty Moss Bond’s “The Crow,” Ronny Elliott And Animal Geniuses’ “See You Later, Alligator,” instrumentals…AND LIVE ANIMAL SONGS: Harry Hayward performing “Animal Hoedown,” Ronny Elliott performing “Down Home On The Farm”

NAME THAT ANIMAL TUNE: Dirty Spoons & Trash’s version of “I Wanna Be Your Dog”

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