Ellen Jaffe Jones, author, “Eat Vegan On $4 A Day”

by | Nov 23, 2011

Ellen Jaffe Jones–a personal trainer, running coach, cooking instructor (including a stint for The Cancer Project) and author of “Eat Vegan On $4 A Day: A Gameplan For The Budget Conscious Cook,” a guide and cookbook–discusses how a medical scare (a colon blockage), and carefully considering all the breast cancer and heart disease that several family members had contended with, served as a catalyst to drastically change her diet 30 years ago, toggling between vegetarian & vegan for most of those years, locking in to strictly vegan about seven years ago; she also notes that then and now, virtually no one in her family followed suit with the dietary change.


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Jones also explains her research methods in preparing “Eat Vegan On $4 A Day” and objectives and hoped-for outcomes in writing the book, alongside the actual outcomes about six months after it was published. She addresses what she considers to be the biggest misconceptions about vegans and what they eat, noting that people commonly wonder how/if vegans get sufficient protein in their diet and acknowledges–in response to one of the listener questions–that the only element actually lacking from a vegan diet is vitamin B12, for which she and others takes supplements. She cites some of her favorite recipes in the book (chocolate mouse, sweet potato muffins), and as this conversation took place the day before Thanksgiving, mentions how she’ll spend the day and what her menu will consist of. (www.VegCoach.com)

COMEDY CORNER: Shane Mauss’ “Mushrooms, Vegan (portion)” (www.ShaneMauss.com)

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