Jon Katz, New York Times bestselling author

Jon Katz–New York Times bestselling author of 20 books (seven novels and 13 nonfiction books), most recently “Going Home: Finding Peace When Pets Die” – discusses the genesis of the new book, in which Katz provides a largely personal and anecdotal treatise for those who’ve lost a pet.



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One of the things Katz advises is more pre-emptive, recognizing that most pets–certainly cats and dogs–have a much shorter life span than we do, so it’s important to expect a certain amount of animal loss over many years. He also observes the importance and healing properties of performing one or more rituals to say goodbye to the animal and help relieve the grief. In terms of facing tough decisions about an extremely aged and/or very ill animal, Katz recommends enlisting your vet but suggests you will have to initiate those discussions–most vets won’t do so, but will respond in all sorts of vitally helpful ways. He also describes Orson–the deeply influential dog that was the love of his life, but who after multiple biting incidents, Katz had euthanized–and what his loss represented to Katz. (

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