Vegan Black Metal Chef, YouTube Culinary Sensation

Vegan Black Metal Chef–the YouTube culinary sensation who offers online instructional cooking videos, specializing in vegan dishes, delivering the lessons over a soundtrack of black metal, wearing body armor and full make-up, adding a huge dollop of humor–discusses how he decided to create and render the videos in this manner (partly as an elaborate response to the age-old question vegans get asked: “What do you eat?”), something that was in the works for a few years.


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He recalls the powerful response elicited by the first video he posted on YouTube–about how to make pad thai noodles–it quickly racked up a million hits, and prompted The Washington Post to profile him. He also fields listener calls and e-mails, answering questions about when and how he decided to become vegan, his “go to” spices for vegan cooking, and addresses truffle oil and how it’s both pricey and worth it (

COMEDY CORNER: Myq Kaplan’s “Ducks and Vegetarianism”(

MUSIC: They Might Be Giants’ “Ant,” Booker T’s version of Tom Waits’ “Get Behind The Mule,” instrumentals

NAME THAT ANIMAL TUNE:Bob Marley’s “Three Little Birds”

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