Call-in Guest Special

Our guests were people calling in to tout their favorite animal organizations. In an effort to continue experimenting with different approaches to presenting guests and information on “Talking Animals”–and a parallel desire to give voice to a broader array of animal organizations and leaders–we tried something new on this show.

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We invited people to call in and talk on air for a few minutes each about the animal organization they run, or volunteer with, or otherwise care passionately about. We took these calls randomly, and ended up speaking to a wonderful array of folks about an equally wonderful array of animal organizations, projects, events and more.

COMEDY CORNER: Derick Lengwenus’ “Animal Lover” (

MUSIC: eels’ “Flyswatter,” Ronny Elliott And Animal Geniuses’ version of “See You Late r, Alligator,” Sunset Bridge’s “Good Ole Dog,” instrumentals

NAME THAT ANIMAL TUNE: The Who’s “Boris The Spider”

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