Paula Poundstone, Comedian and Serious Cat Enthusiast

by | Jun 1, 2011

Paula Poundstone — The singular comedian who for much of her 30+ year career has laced her routines with cat tales, often based on observations and misadventures with the sizable flock of felines sharing her home–discusses the current household cat population (16), and how the tally got that high. 



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She also mentions some of the cats by name, and describes their traits or how they’re viewed by the cat tribe at large. Paula addresses some of the production flourishes (and occasional limitations) of the YouStream “Poundstone Diner Cam” a webcam fixed on the cats’ single food & water bowl, and some of the YouTube pieces about her cats. She also outlines the challenges of servicing the litter boxes and persuading people helping her to maintain the high standards she’s established over the years, particularly when she’s traveling. She explains the very simple way the opportunity arose to become a regular panelist on NPR quiz program “Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me!,” and how much fun she has on the show. (

ALSO: We spokepoke with Linda Hamilton, Executive Director of the Animal Coalition of Tampa (ACT), about Hillsborough County’s apparent suspension of the spay/neuter voucher program designed to enable low income residents to afford to get their dogs and cats spayed or neutered, the implications of the suspension, and possible efforts to get the program reinstated. (

COMEDY CORNER: Paula Poundstone’s “Cats Puff Up” (

MUSIC: Bela Fleck’s “Snakes Alive,” Magadog’s “Monkey In Your Warehouse,” instrumentals

NAME THAT ANIMAL TUNE: Carl Perkins “Put Your Cat Clothes On”

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