Bestselling author Mark Kurlansky, whose new book is “World Without Fish.”

Mark Kurlansky — author of the award-winning New York Times bestseller “Cod: A Biography Of The Fish That Changed The World” and other books, including “Salt: A World History”–discusses his new book, “World Without Fish.” He also explains his strategy in approaching the writing of “World Without Fish,” ostensibly a book for kids about what’s happening to fish, the oceans and the environment, but one that operates one a number of levels (thanks in no small measure to it being gorgeously illustrated by artist Frank Stockton), likening it to a family film. 


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When asked about the line on the book jacket reading “For Ages 9 And Up,” with the suggestion that some of the book may be too nuanced–or even, at times, contradictory–for kids as young as nine to comprehend, he responds that the book was vetted by his then nine-year-old daughter, Talia. Also, Mark addresses the central themes of the book, the aspects of overfishing that eludes the wider population, and how “Chilean Sea Bass” is a double misnomer (rarely Chilean and definitely not bass). (

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