Marc Maron, a veteran comedian, cat fanatic and host of the immensely popular and celebrated podcast, “WTF”

Marc Maron, a veteran, highly accomplished comedian and cat fanatic whose podcast, “WTF,” has become enormously popular and celebrated–its profile ratcheting up several notches in the wake of a major Sunday New York Times feature and a spotlight in Rolling Stone–discusses the cats that live in and around his, the fabled “Cat Ranch,” from which “WTF” emanates. 

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He also describes what the cats do for him in his struggle with anger and various issues routinely addressed on the podcast, or how observations about the cats’ behavior can serve as jumping off points for discussions of his own. Maron addresses the way that, as the conversations unfurl over an hour-plus, they often land in profoundly poignant territory, whether it’s the two-part episode with Louis CK (a powerful meditation on how friendships evolve over decades), the chat with Maria Bamford where exploring the rage of her ex-boyfriend became about Maron’s rage or the episode with Mike DeStefano, who chose WTF as the setting to fully reveal for the first time that he’s HIV-positive and recount the period that his wife was dying, then died, of AIDS. He also explained the factors and traits that have made him a great listener–not usually the forte of first-rate comedians.(

ALSO: We spoke briefly with Jennifer Anderson, program director at Animal Coalition of Tampa (ACT), about their forthcoming Neuterathon (neutering up to 500 males at $5 animal) and plans to provide $10 microchipping at the forthcoming Talking Animals Festival. (

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