Dr. Armaiti May, a vegan veterinarian based in the Los Angeles area

Dr. Armaiti May–a vegan veterinarian based in the West Los Angeles area, and whose practice involves making house calls–discusses her formative years as a kid drawn to animals and looking after injured or sick ones, as well as being raised a vegetarian.




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She also traces her path from there to embracing a vegan lifestyle, attending veterinary school at UC Davis and some of the challenges posed in vet school for a vegan-animal rights advocate (including certain surgical training), noting that her advice to aspiring vet students includes not disclosing they are a vegan-&/or animal rights advocate in the application or interview process, unless applying to an especially progressive school. She also described the philosophical factions that can form among veterinarians; for example she and other like-minded vets refuse to perform the feline declawing surgery, whereas other vets have no reluctance, just as she and other vegan vets are willing to help guide dog & cat patients onto a vegan diet if their humans prefer, whereas some vets feel this can pose health risks for those animals. She also recounts some of her efforts–and perspective–as a very active animal advocate, who regularly performs vegan outreach in Southern California, while also providing some details of a forthcoming speaking tour in Florida. (www.VeganVet.net)

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