Dr. Armaiti May, a vegan veterinarian based in the Los Angeles area

by | Feb 23, 2011

Dr. Armaiti May–a vegan veterinarian based in the West Los Angeles area, and whose practice involves making house calls–discusses her formative years as a kid drawn to animals and looking after injured or sick ones, as well as being raised a vegetarian.




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She also traces her path from there to embracing a vegan lifestyle, attending veterinary school at UC Davis and some of the challenges posed in vet school for a vegan-animal rights advocate (including certain surgical training), noting that her advice to aspiring vet students includes not disclosing they are a vegan-&/or animal rights advocate in the application or interview process, unless applying to an especially progressive school. She also described the philosophical factions that can form among veterinarians; for example she and other like-minded vets refuse to perform the feline declawing surgery, whereas other vets have no reluctance, just as she and other vegan vets are willing to help guide dog & cat patients onto a vegan diet if their humans prefer, whereas some vets feel this can pose health risks for those animals. She also recounts some of her efforts–and perspective–as a very active animal advocate, who regularly performs vegan outreach in Southern California, while also providing some details of a forthcoming speaking tour in Florida. (www.VeganVet.net)

ALSO: We spoke briefly with Lynda Sheehan, founder of Gulfport’s Get Rescued, who discussed the history and evolution of the annual event (held this year on Feb. 26), which now also includes a nighttime component called Get Rescued Celebration. (www.GulfportMA.com)

COMEDY CORNER: Jeff Wayne’s “The Wolf, The Bear And the Alligator” (www.JeffWayne.com)

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